ArmenCal RSS Feeds and Embed Reports

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We are currently maintaining the following feeds. If you would like to have a customized RSS Feed for your organization, just email us.

Currently available feeds:

General Feed - includes all events:
Featured Events Feed-
General Feed, Simple Text- same as above, but without HTML formatting.:
Genocide Feed- includes Genocide related events only:
Southern California Feed- includes events in Southern California:
Northern California Feed- includes events in Northern California:
Northern California Feed Option 2- includes events in Northern California:

Create your own feed:

To generate a custom feed, use this format:{country,State,City,Category} Where {country,State,City,Category} should br replaced by your keywords. To include all in any of these parameters, use the word ALL

For example this link will generate all events in Glendale:,CA-South,Glendale,ALL

How to use the feeds? Just use any of the above links with an RSS Feed Display Widget on your site. There are several versions of these, for example: will let you insert any of the XML links above and then customize if for your taste, and then grab the HTML embed code for your website! Contact us if you have any questions.