Advertise and other services

Basic event listings:

Basic event listings are free! You may attach pictures to your event at no additional charge.

Adding Media to your listings:

Do you have pictures, music, or videos related to your event? We will add it to your event at no charge. Having media on your event makes your event more interesting for people to look at!

Event flyers:

Event flyers are the boxes that appear on the left section of our home page with short event summary information. They will make your event stand out. Clicking on an event flyer will open up your event information directly. The event flyers are shown at random order, and they are active for the duration of your event.


Rotating banners are placed below the event listings. They are displayed 2 banners at a time for 20 seconds, and rotated at random order. Clicking on a banner will take the user to a link provided by you.

Email Newsletter Feature:

All listings are included in the general emails; however, if you'd like your event be listed as a featured event and stand out, contact us! Our email list is constantly growing!

Sell Tickets:

Using our sister-company,, you will be able to sell your event's tickets, manage the attendance and much more! If you do use this option, your event posting on will have a Buy Tickets Now link- which will make your event stand out. Your event will also stand out in our biweekly event summary email!

You may request advertising by indicating so on the submit-form, or by sending an email to!